Environmental Approach

Of course virtually any business activity has some degree of impact on the environment, however, we aim to minimise our environmental impact in the following ways:

Minimising Paint Wastage

We advise on the most suitable paint for your project and use samples, so you can be sure you have the exact colour you want, before large quantities of paint are bought.

For areas like ceilings that often just need a standard white paint, take advantage of our ability to buy in bulk – we only charge you for what is used which is great for reducing packaging, minimising waste and keeping your costs as low as possible.

Water-based paints over oil-based paints

Although we do still use oil-based paints we always encourage our clients to opt for their water-based equivalent if the same quality finish can be achieved.

Traditionally woodwork is painted with oil-based undercoat and an oil-based eggshell or gloss finish. These are durable, good quality paints but have the downside of containing higher levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

In recent years improved paint technology, has meant that far less polluting water-based alternatives in an eggshell or gloss finishes have become available. The VOC level for these types of paint typically range from 0-8%.

Our favourite eco-friendly paints include:


Produce a wonderful range of natural clay paints that allow your walls and ceilings to breathe.  The formulation and rich texture of the paint works particularly well in older properties but the colour palette is also very contemporary, making it a truly versatile paint.

Earthborn are one of the few brands to be awarded the prestigious Ecolabel Flower symbol given to paints, varnishes, flooring products and oils and waxes that meet the strict environmental and performance criteria of the EU Eco labelling scheme.


Little Greene

Another company offering some gorgeous paint and wallpaper that we love to use. Their environmentally friendly paints and wallpapers are among the highest quality available. They only use natural, organic and safe-synthetic pigments and their paint is rich and deep in colour. More pigment means higher covering power and longer life so you use less and achieve great long-lasting results.

Although oil based they do not have the strong smell normally associated with this type of product so they are a pleasure to use and the results are amazing.

Eco Gloss

We are great fans of Dulux Eco Gloss, a water-based product that delivers a brilliant white gloss finish.  This is an excellent alternative to traditional oil based gloss and like all acrylic paint, has the added advantage of being quick drying.


Our tools and equipment, from paint pots and trays, to brushes and rollers, and scrapers and dusting brushes we aim to clean and re-use as much as possible.

Again water-based paint has a big advantage over oil-based paint as trays for example are easily cleaned and re-used. Water-based paint pots can be washed and re-used again and again for mixing filler for example. Water paint pots that we don’t re-use we recycle locally.

All our spirit cleaner is recycled and re-used so nothing goes to waste.





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